Candice Ann X Nom Dudes X Jeng Chi Restaurant

Dallas is full of delicious NOMS so when I was given the opportunity to partner with Nom Dudes and my good friend Jessica (Vo) Thai, I jumped at the chance! We went to Jeng Chi Restaurant and had a tower of dumplings, their famous green onion pancakes and washed it all down with dessert!

The dumplings were bursting with flavor and if you’re like me, they have a ton of vegetarian options. One of the things I really respected about Jeng Chi is the science behind their dumplings. Not only do they place 14 folds to seal each morsel, their dough is made just right so that the soup doesn’t spill out of it. It was so amazing to watch everyone work and take great pride in the food they prepare. Click the thumbnail below to view my feature with Nom Dudes and JVo. Scroll down to see some of the delicious food I got to enjoy!

Above: Green Onion Pancakes

Above: Pork and Shrimp Dumplings

Chicken and Zucchini Dumplings

Xiao Long Bao Soup Dumplings

Above: From bottom–Tiramisu, Red Bean Sesame Ball and Matcha Cream Puff

If you’re in the Dallas area, be sure to check out Jeng Chi Restaurant! This place has definitely become my go-to restaurant.


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