Girls’ Day Brunch

Make Time: Girls’ Day Brunch

If you remember my blog series called “What 30 Year Old Candice Would Tell 20 Year Old Candice,” you’d remember Lesson 3: Make Time for the Ones You Love. April 22, 2018 was not only Earth Day, it was the day that marked four years since my best friend, Gina Luciano passed away. I also used that day to join some of my favorite friends for a girls’ day brunch in the comfort of my friend’s, (Jessica’s) home.

No Need to Go Out! Champagne is Better from Home

Time has a way of getting away from us so my friends and I decided that we would have an at-home girls’ day brunch just to unwind, sip champagne and catch up. Let me tell you–it was so much more fun and much more cheaper than going out. I want to share our recipe for an awesome girls’ day brunch from home! Our girls’ day brunch cost about $40, which we split four ways. All you need is food, champagne, ambiance–and of course, all of your favorite friends!

Food, Champagne, Ambiance (in that order)



You see that the first thing in this headline is food, right? (PRIORITIES)! We easily decided that we wanted to do a simple breakfast because it’s easy, cheap and healthier. We voted on French toast, bacon, eggs, fruit and avocado. If you click HERE, you can use this quick and easy french toast recipe that was SO delicious. MAJOR FRENCH TOAST LIFE HACK: you have got to use the Trader Joe’s Sliced French Brioche Bread–it’s honestly life-changing. Next step for a great girls’ day brunch–champagne.

Trader Joe's Sliced French Brioche
Image: Courtesy of Little House on Pacific Blog


What the heck is brunch without champagne?! It was Trader Joe’s AGAIN for the win. We went with their Blanc De Blancs Sparkling Wine and it was less than 10 dollars. What made this so good, was how well it mixed with juices and Popsicles! For mixing, we had options. We got Trader Joe’s Mango Nectar Juice, and the Mango Passion Fruit Juice Blend. Finally, you know we had to be extra, extra and stir these delicious beverages with a Popsicle.

Trader Joe's Blanc De Blancs Sparking Wine
Image: Courtesy of Club Trader Joe’s


Trader Joe's Mango Nectar
Image Courtesy of: Exploring Trader Joe’s


Trader Joe's Mango Passion Fruit
Image Courtesy of: Love You More Too 

Girls Day Brunch Tabletop Setup



Cheers to girl bosses! Our friend Katherine is the woman behind House of Hoppe Design. She absolutely set the stage with her beautiful pieces. If you’re looking for beautiful, high-end decor to get your living space’s vibe just right, come see her! If you’re aiming for a certain vibe, but don’t have the vision, Katherine Hoppe is your woman. She offers consultation and design services for anyone looking to spruce up their space.

Girls' Brunch Tabletop brunch vibe
Our tabletop brunch vibe is courtesy of House of Hoppe Design.

Featured here from House of Hoppe Design:

  • Wavy Abstract Bowl (Medium): this chic bowl is great for a bar top as a fruit dish, or a statement piece on a large island or dining room tabletop. It also comes in blush, mint and light grey
  • Blush Dining Plates: these blush plates add just the right amount of color for your setting. The gold ring on the outside of the plates add an element elegance for channeling your inner bougie. Contact Katherine here if you need these! The plates are custom ordered because she has just about every color available so you are definitely not limited to the color you see here. Check out these decorative ring dishes on her site as well. They make a great accent to your dinner table.

Be sure to follow House of Hoppe Design on Instagram for design motivation, or to reach out for any design services you may need.


Make Time, Create Memories, Add Champagne

My friends didn’t know that April 22nd marked year four of my best friend’s passing. I wanted to just live in the moment with them and celebrate life just as Gina would have wanted. It was a reminder that it’s so important to just gather up your favorite girls, sit down and catch up for as long as you want to. I strongly urge everyone to make the time for the people you care most about. Keep ideas, stories and memories flowing through each other because you just never know what life can throw your way.


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