Gift Ideas for the “Techy” Person in Your Life

Cool Gift Ideas for Your Tech Lovin’ Love

It can be challenging to get a really awesome gift for that special someone who loves “techy” things. The things that interest them, don’t interest us in the same way. I did some digging and found some neat gift ideas for your tech loving person! Direct links for these gifts are below.

  1. Magnetic Balance Lamp: powered by a standard USB, this lamp is perfect for a work desk. Instead of using a switch to turn it on, you touch the two magnets together in the center. The magnets will suspend in midair while the light is on. Lower the bottom magnet to turn it off. ($70)
  2. iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set: these cute stickers are awesome because you can basically use them as an identifier so that people don’t “accidentally” take your iPhone charger. This is especially helpful when you have a household full of iPhone users. These stickers are great for stocking stuffers ($12.95)
  3. Sound-Activated Light Blocks: if you have kids that are six and older, these blocks will be a blast! How it works–build whatever you want from these colorful blocks and add the structure to the rechargeable base. These blocks also feature a sound-activated mode. You can purchase 50 blocks for $30, or 250 for $100.
  4. Do Anything Smart Button: link these silicone buttons to your smart phone, and with the push of the button you can call a cab, find your phone, and even water your plants! Compatible with Android 4.4+, iOS 9+ and macOS Sierra, the replaceable battery lasts up to 18 months. Purchase 1 button for $35, or 3 buttons for $85
  5. Smart Motion Sensor Nightlight: equipped with a motion sensor that emits a soft glow for late-night snack-sneaking, this bad ass lamp has an aromatherapy compartment, where you can add drops of essential oil! You can also keep your phone charged through the built-in USB port ($80)
  6.  Smartphone Photography Lens Set: okay I admit–I included this on here because this is something I’d LOVE to have for myself as well! There are times when lugging around a big DSLR camera just isn’t sensible. These clips fit on either the back OR front of your phone, which makes for a better selfie. You can even get wider angles than your built-in phone can’t get ($30-$100).



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