High Waisted Bikini

High Waisted Bikinis for the Win

High Waisted Bikini-You Need One

I’ve always liked how the high waisted bikini looked, but I never thought it could look good on me. I thought that they were meant for those who had a naturally curvy figure. When it comes to my body, I have a more athletic figure with little-to-no curvature. With all of the adorable high waisted swimwear coming out this season, I felt like it was finally time to try one out for myself. I have to say-I was very pleasantly surprised when I put it on!

Don’t be Afraid to Different Swimsuit Styles

Like I said, I never thought that I would put a high waisted bikini on. There are so many cute patterns and styles in the high waisted bikini. Whether you’re looking for more coverage, something sexy or a funky pattern, you’re sure to find something that works for you. Cupshe has a great selection of high waisted bikinis. Here are some of my favorites:

Black Cupshe High Waisted Bikini Green Cupshe High Waisted Bikini Off The Shoulder Cupshe High Waisted Bikini

If you’ve been blessed with all the sexy curves, Swimsuits for all has a great selection for you. Here are some really cute ones from their site (you can click on all of these images to purchase!).


Orange High Waisted Bikini Swimsuits for All Striped Bottom High Waisted Bikini Swimsuits for All Black High Waisted Bikini Swimsuits for All Tropical High Waisted Bikini Swimsuits for All

As Always, Rock it Out

The high waisted bikini just makes you feel sexy! That’s exactly how I felt when I put mine on. I truly think high waisted bikini is short for, “Drippin’ in all the finesse, embrace all your curves and shake what yo momma gave you bikini.” I’m tellin’ ya, try one on and you’ll automatically start posing and dancing in the fitting room.



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