For the Love of (some) Rompers

Not All Rompers are Created Equal

You know why I love rompers so much? Because they come in one piece and it takes all of the guesswork out of putting together a complete outfit. If you need to find a quick outfit and don’t feel like pulling individual pieces together, a romper is the sure way to go. I do have to admit that I don’t like all rompers. The romper featured in this post meets all of my romper requirements and it’s less than 25 dollars!

I Admit–I’m a Romper Snob

I’m about 5 feet, 8 inches tall (give or take half an inch), have a pretty long torso, and slender figure. Those qualities are exactly why I can’t wear just any ol’ romper. If I purchase one in my size, chances are, it will fit well but it’ll be too short-resulting in the camel toe of the century. If I get a bigger one, the camel toe is eliminated but I end up looking like a soggy mess. You see my dilemma? Because of this predicament, I almost always have to try it on and can’t purchase one online–almost always.

When I saw the romper I’m wearing in this post, I loved it. I mostly liked that they were pants because I find very little success in romper shorts. I bit the bullet and purchased it because I didn’t have much to lose with that awesome price point.

As I waited for my romper, I was worried about so many things: is my ass going to look super flat? Am I going to have a camel toe? Are the pants going to be too short? I loved how it looked online so much, that I just wanted it to work for me.

The Moment of Truth

I didn’t wait long for my adorable romper to come. I tried it on as soon as I got home, and I was obsessed! It looked great on my figure (check), I had no camel toe (check) and the pants were long enough (check, check, check!). I did choose to wear a bodysuit underneath it because it’s very low cut and I was guaranteed to have an impromptu nip-slip. I tried some fashion tape, but it wasn’t cuttin’ the mustard for me. If I had a smaller bust, I could have worn this romper sans bodysuit.


For My Tall People

After lots of romper trial and error, I think I found the types that I can wear, and the ones I need to stay away from. Here are some styles that I can wear

Green floral romper
This romper works because the shorts aren’t too short. When they’re too short, the material sticks out in the back, which gives me a less flattering butt
Black floral romper
I like this style because it’s a good alternative to wearing pants. The length of the leg is good because you’re not confused as to whether or not these are capris, or pants that are too short for your legs.
Maroon romper
This is a cute style because you can wear this with a baggy denim jacket and tennis shoes. It’s a versatile look. This romper is also great because it hugs the body in all the right places


Here are some styles that I stay clear from. Not because they aren’t cute, but because they don’t suit my body type well.

Yellow polka dot romper
This romper style doesn’t work for me because it doesn’t hug my body anywhere-giving me no shape. This would also make me appear top heavy because I have a larger bust.
off the shoulder romper
The inseam/crotch area is a camel toe waiting to happen for me. Because my torso is so long, I can’t wear a romper where the shorts are too short.
flowy romper
This style is too flowy for my body. When it comes to my romper, I look for something that fits snug along the right curves of my body. I don’t have a lot of curves, and I’m slender so I seek a romper that gives me some shape
striped romper
I love how this romper has a clear waistline. This style misses the mark for my body because of the length of the pant, and the looseness of the top. If you have a bigger bust, this style may make you look top heavy


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