• Fashion

    “Tropic” Like it’s Hot

    Accessories just make the world go round and lately, I have been doing a lot of shopping at Francesca’s because they have the best BOGO sales, and it’s just a really fun place to shop and get the latest trends. I literally could spend hours browsing through all of the colorful jewelry, fun gifts and awesome home deco. Scroll down to see more of my look, and shop the accessories I’m wearing.                   Necklace: Dallas Script Necklace in Gold {shop…

  • Fashion

    The “Heart” of the Matter

    I was getting major “modern day Marilyn Monroe” vibes in this dress from ASOS— and it’s on SALE! This dress was almost $100 and you can get it for less than $50 right now (it’s also available in petite sizes). Scroll down to see more of this beautiful dress and shop this entire look. Dress: ASOS Bright Stripe Deep Fold Debutante Dress// Shoes: Jessica Simpson Kiren Pumps {similar look}                

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    Make “Bloom”

    I love stripes for the summer so I just couldn’t resist when I saw this beautiful dress from ASOS. Here is a closer look at this shift dress– you can scroll all the way down to shop this look! Dress: ASOS Sleeveless Ruffle Shift Dress In Natural Stripe // Shoes: Jessica Simpson Kiren Pumps {similar look}                    

  • Beauty

    Baecay All Day

    You know why I love summer time? Because it’s the best time of the year to go on vacation! I definitely should have been a summer baby. I enjoy the sun, the tans, the top knots, the swimsuits… EVERYTHING! My boo and I are getting ready for our vacation to Miami and I can hardly wait. Packing for summer vacations are so easy because your attire isn’t as bulky and summertime skin, hair and makeup is effortless. Naturally, I’ll be coming equipped with the usual:…

  • Beauty


    I love playing with fun hairstyles and this cute pineapple shirt from TJ Maxx inspired this look. This hairstyle is very easy to achieve and it’s basically a reverse ponytail. Here’s what you need: Small hair elastic Two small hair combs  1 hair clamp Here’s what you need to do: Curl all of your hair After your curls are completely cool, flip your hair over and starting at the base, twist your hair upward– almost like a french braid (but a twist) When you get…

  • Lifestyle

    Health: Finding Your Balance

    I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding health and fitness. I’m definitely not a body builder, but I’m conscious about my health and I genuinely enjoy working out. I find joy in doing different things with my nutrition, switching up my exercise routines and seeing my results. I find thrill in the discipline and commitment it takes to be healthy.  I’d like to preface this post by saying I am not a certified personal trainer nor am I a nutrition specialist. I know what works…

  • Fashion

    Roses are Red…

    Roses and ruffles and shoulders, oh my! I was feeling a little saucy and I just love this dress that I picked up from H&M. Here’s a bonus– IT’S ON SALE NOW for less than $20! This beautiful dress just stood out for me. I stepped completely out of my element to try something different and I loved it. This look makes me want to dance and twirl around in circles! Whenever you go shopping, take the time to try everything on even if you’re not sure…

  • Fashion

    Independence Day: Blue and White Stripes

    The blue and white stripes trend seems to be everywhere and I love it so much, that I think the pattern should have its’ own name—I’d call it Milkmaid’s Dream. The reason I like this trend so much is because it’s so versatile! I got this Tunic dress from Marshall’s and it’s SUPER adaptable because this piece can be worn as a dress, with skinny jeans and even as a bathing suit cover up. I chose to wear this as a dress and I added…

  • Beauty

    Skin Firming Dragon Fruit Mask

    I don’t know about you, but for me, Sunday is beauty routine day. I deep condition my hair before washing it, I exfoliate my skin and I like to experiment with different facial masks. Yesterday, I used one of my favorite fruits– the dragon fruit. Known for it’s spikey red flesh and white seeded fruit, dragon fruit is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can treat acne, fight the signs of aging, promote skin health and provides essential moisture for skin. It’s not easy…

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    Antioxidant Age-Defying Vitamin Water

    Summertime is almost here and there’s nothing more that I love than a glass of infused water. Infused water has zero calories,  livens up your water, detoxes your body, improves your mood and flushes toxins from your system. Today’s water is chock full of goodies: 1/2  of a dragon fruit 3-4 strawberries; cut in halves A handful of blueberries 6-8 mint leaves With the powers of these fruits combined, you have a water that gives you the following benefits: Helps fight cancer Boosts your immune…