Fall Trend Alert–Playing with Plaid

“I’m Totally Buggin!” Plaid is Back!

I’m so fascinated by how fashion just comes full circle. The 90’s was a time when bright colors were key and plaid was “phat” (okay, no more Clueless references–I promise). I was so excited to see this trend make a comeback because I LOVE patterns! It might seem a little intimidating, but it’s more versatile than you think. I got my coat from Showpo and I’ll be sharing three ways that I styled it. If you love it as much as I do, here’s the link to purchase it. BONUS–it’s less than $40!

1. Room for Imagination

So this is sexy, but not SEXY SEXY. Denim is a great textile to wear with plaid. I chose shorts because OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS! I wore a black turtle neck under the coat to make this style look really clean, and allow the statement piece to speak for itself. These boots are less than $50 and you can get them here!

2. Keep it Simple

You didn’t think plaid could look trendy with a graphic tee did you? Well, neither did I, but I tried it and liked it! I went really casual and put on my go-to pair of gold mules to add some oomph to this look. Not only is it comfortable, but it unexpectedly looks super cool!

3. Pop of Color

Since we’re talkin’ 90’s, I decided to turn up my plaid with a bold red bootie, and boy–did it give my outfit some life! I got so many compliments as I was walking the streets of Dallas to take photos of this look. I liked the idea of using two statement pieces to make one big speech.

PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to mix your patterns. I could totally see this look with a snake-patterned bootie instead of a solid-colored bootie. The key to pattern mixing is: choosing colors that match, spreading your prints across your outfit and break up the print with solids. The more graphic the print, the easier it is to mix.

Plaid goes a really, really long way. You don’t really need to own a lot of it because you can wear one piece so many ways. Whether you choose a plaid skirt, dress or a pair of booties–there are lots of really cute ways to play with this pattern. I’m super excited to come up with more styles with this coat.

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