Ruffles and Shoulders

I have a confession to make–I have developed a recent obsession for ruffles and anything that exposes my shoulders (which, I have been working SO hard on at the gym) so this asymmetric bodysuit from Zara was just calling my name! I love the fun pattern on this piece and the fit is perfect. In general, I’ve found that bodysuits are super convenient because I like to tuck my shirts in and I hate having to worry about un-tucking and looking sloppy. I definitely felt powerful and feminine in this get-up.

By the way, how do you like my jeans? I frayed them myself and it was super easy. I’ve had these white pants forever and decided that instead of getting rid of them, or trying to replace them with something more trendy–why not turn them into something “new”? I’m all about saving some coins and I like how they turned out.

On this perfect spring day, me and my honey popped in to Steel City Pops to enjoy a refreshing strawberry lemonade Popsicle. I’m an “all-natural” junkie so when I found out that the ingredients are certified organic or all-natural AND locally sourced, I knew I would fall in love with this place. If you have a summer birthday coming up, they even cater! Find your nearest location and check them out!

Thanks for popping into my blog and showing endless support <3 –Candice XOXO


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