Coachella 2017 Vibes- Hair Rings

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to Coachella this year but I got some major style inspo from this year’s event. Crop tops, bandanas, scarves, colorful and flowery prints paired with denim jackets, rose-tinted sunglasses and fishnets made their way to Coachella 2017 in the best way possible and I’m definitely inspired for the summer.

Hair was just as important at Coachella. Neon hair and loose flowing curls could be seen all over the place and now that my hair is starting to get long, I decided to try another popular style that I became obsessed with thanks to Coachella– hair rings!

I got these from Amazon for less than $10 and they have lots of different styles to choose from. These hair rings were easy to use and the set came with 20 pieces, which was perfect for the look I wanted to achieve. There are a ton of different looks you can try with these hair rings and if you’re like me and don’t wear a lot of jewelry, these are great for finishing off your look.

To use these hair rings:

  1. Find the opening of the ring and with your fingers, pinch on each end of the opening
  2. Rather than trying to pull the rings apart sideways, twist the ends away from each other
  3. Work the rings into random sections of your braid(s)
  4. Twist the rings back to their original hoop position
  5. Spin the hoops so that the openings are hidden in the braid(s)

These hair rings are going to be a winner this summer and I can hardly wait to have some fun with these. Thank you for reading– I am truly grateful for your support.


Candice-Ann XOXO


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