Eyelash Extensions: What You Should Know

Why I Love Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions not only look beautiful and give you a fuller, longer look–they save so much time! I’m a victim of having lots of short lashes so when I got my first full set about three years ago, I was hooked. In this post, I’ll be sharing information on how to maintain your extensions, how to prep for your next fill and what you can do to preserve the health of your natural eyelashes.

The Dedication

Having beautiful lashes doesn’t come without a few sacrifices. If you decide that you want to try out extensions, you’ll be sacrificing the following:

  • No underwater swimming/diving
  • Sleeping on your side or stomach
  • Being EXTRA careful when you sweat from your workout
  • No rubbing your eyes
  • No products with oil in them (if you use oil-based products, keep it away from your eyes and lashes)
  • Crying: okay–I know we can’t always help but show our emotions, but remember that the salt in your tears act as a solvent that weakens the adhesive

I was the eye rubber! As soon as my contacts leave my face, I have been known to start going to town on my eyeballs, which is bad for you anyways. Since I started getting eyelash extensions, I don’t really rub my eyes as much and it has definitely had a benefit on the skin around my eye area.

Finding the Right Place

Before you even make an appointment, do some research. Lash quality is important. I recommend selecting a location that specializes in eyelash extensions. I go to The Lash Bar in Richardson. Their friendly staff has a ton of knowledge, their pricing is affordable, they have different types of  lashes and they offer lots of products for the care of your lashes and extensions.

True story–I once went to a nail salon that claimed to offer eyelash extensions. They sold this service to a lady sitting across from me. I was shocked to see that they began applying poor quality lashes on her while she was sitting in an upright position! All while she was getting a pedi. On top of that, she didn’t originally come in there with the idea of getting extensions so she probably wasn’t properly prepped for this service.

With that, I want to emphasize this–spend the extra money to get quality lashes. Not only will it be better for the overall health of your natural eyelashes, you will be much happier with the result.

Types of Eyelashes

At the Lash Bar, they offer two different kinds of lashes–silk and mink. When a silk lash and a mink lash are held next to each other, it’s hard to see the difference. Typically, a silk lash is usually more prominent and looks like you have mascara applied to your lashes. Mink is a little bit “wispier” and natural looking.

I’ve tried both types of lashes and have been extremely happy with both. I prefer the mink lashes because I like a more natural look for myself, and because they’re a little bit lighter on my sensitive eyes. When you book your appointment, ask them what types of lashes they offer and what the differences are. Pick a material that will be comfortable for you, and fits your personal style.

Before Your Appointment

Don’t show up to your lash appointment super extra. Your skin, face and eyes need to be properly prepped for application. Before you come to your appointment:

  • Make sure your lashes are completely free of mascara at least 24-hours prior. The more days you skip out on the mascara before you come in, the better the results
  • Avoid any and ALL oil around your eyes at least 48-hours before
  • Arrive to your appointment wearing no makeup near, or around your eyes
  • If your eyes flutter a lot, AVOID caffeine
  • Shower/wash your hair/face thoroughly. This is because you will have to avoid direct contact with water on your face/eyes for 24-hours after application

NOTE: expect to be laying flat on your back with your eyes closed for 1.5-2 hours (I almost always fall asleep). Be sure to use the restroom and let anyone who may contact you know that you won’t be able to take their calls, or respond to text messages.

After Your Appointment

Again–if you want to reap all the “slay-ful” benefits that come with having lash extensions, you have to maintain them. The longevity of your extensions depend on how well you take care of them. After application, my extensions typically last me three weeks. On average, most people get a lash refill every two weeks. Here are some tips you can follow so you get the most from your extensions:

  • Avoid water on, or around your eyes 24-hours after application
  • Wash your face daily. Don’t worry too much about ruining your lashes as it’s normal to lose a few hairs here and there. If you don’t wash your face, oils will build up around your face and eyes–making the adhesive less sustainable for the lashes
  • Brush your lashes. Ask your lash stylist if she can give you the lash brush she used for your application. You can also purchase a pack of disposable mascara wands for dirt cheap
  • Clean your lashes. Take your lash brush, apply some OIL FREE makeup remover to the brush, and gently brush over your lashes
  • Do not… DO NOT tug or pull on your lashes. The lashes will come off on their own. What you don’t want to do is tug and pull at a lash because you could lose your actual lashes
  • Use oil free products on your face, avoid contact with the eyes

NOTE: remember that your natural lashes shed. You tend to notice the shedding more when you have eyelash extensions because you’re already monitoring the shedding of your extensions. We shed lashes just like we shed hair–it’s normal.

Your Natural Lashes Need Love too

Like I mentioned, I’ve been getting eyelash extensions for over three years. Every time I go to my appointment, I ask the stylish about the health of my natural lashes. You have to keep your actual eyelashes healthy so they can withstand the extensions! Here are some little things I do to keep my natural lashes thriving:

  • Take a hair, skin and nail vitamin/collagen/biotin
  • Regularly brush your lashes
  • Proper diet
  • Green tea: brew up a cup of green tea. Dip your mascara wand in the tea, and gently brush it over your lashes

Before and After

Here are some before and after shots from my last visit to The Lash Bar. If you’re prepared to follow the rules of lash extensions, and dedicate the time and effort it takes to maintain them–it is worth the money. Costs vary, but I typically pay anywhere from $110-$120 every three weeks on my lash extensions.





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