Fit Life Tea 14-Day Teatox: My Results

What is the 14-Day Teatox?

The Fit Life Tea 14-Day Teatox consists of 28 pyramid shaped tea bags. You drink one cup in the morning, and one cup at night for 14-days. The tea is USDA organic and each little tea bag is power-packed with:


  • Organic hibiscus: treats high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and lowers blood pressure
  • Organic rosehips: high in vitamin C, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This ingredient also strengthens the immune system and fights inflammation
  • Organic apple: promotes weight loss, boosts exercise endurance and contains antioxidant-rich compounds
  • Organic allspice: used for indigestion, gas, abdominal pain, heavy menstrual periods, obesity. This ingredient also helps empty the bowels

After steeping the tea bag for about 5 minutes, you’re left with a rich, ruby red colored drink with a sweet and fruity taste. While results vary person-to-person, this tea is supposed to ease bloating, digestive stress and stimulate weight loss. CLICK HERE to get yours now!

What Results were you Hoping for?

When I started drinking this tea, my hopes were to:

  • Reduce my bloating: I bloat pretty easily–especially when my period comes so I was really excited when this was one of the many benefits of this product
  • Lose fat: let’s face it, we all have a little extra something we want to shed, right? However, I wanted to lose fat with the purpose of gaining more definition with my muscles
  • Feel cleansed: I just wanted to feel like my body was cleaned out and refreshed with no extra bloat or gas weighing me down

Did you Change Your Lifestyle?

I didn’t make any lifestyle changes. I felt that the best way to test for effectiveness was to keep everything the same. think about it–if I were to eat healthier and workout more, I would definitely see a difference that I couldn’t fully attribute to the teatox. My normal diet is mostly vegetarian or pescatarian so I stuck with it. I also worked out at least four times a week, as I always do.

Internal Changes

When it comes to going number 2, I would consider myself to be pretty regular. When I drank the tea, I quickly noticed that I was even more regular. I never felt like I had to run to the bathroom like a bat out of hell, but I could definitely set a clock to my regularity after drinking this tea for about two days. I felt “cleansed” pretty quickly after I started drinking the tea.

I’m a “cup of coffee” a day kind of girl and when I was drinking Fit Life Tea, I didn’t ever really feel like I needed a cup of coffee. I felt, relaxed, yet energized at the same time.

Visible Changes

My intention with drinking this tea was never to lose weight. When I began drinking the tea, I weighed 138 pounds. When I finished the teatox after 14 days I weighed 135 pounds. I didn’t shed much weight, but I honestly don’t feel that I have a lot of weight to shed for my height and age.

Just as I wanted, the Fit Life Tea visibly reduced my bloating. I even had a period during the time I was drinking the tea and I experienced little to no bloat at all. I am known for gaining 1 or 2 pounds from bloat alone and I never felt gross or fluffy during my period.

I also noticed that I did lose some of that extra fat I was holding onto. I saw more definition all over my body, including my mid-section. I would consider myself someone who has pretty good muscle definition for a regular person who doesn’t compete in body-building contests or participate in insane diet restrictions. I look leaner and more defined. See below for my before and after pictures!

Before; Day 1

After; Day 14

Before; Day 1

After; Day 14


Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend the Fit Life Tea teatox to anyone. The taste was great and it was easy to keep up with. I was already living a healthy lifestyle before I tried this product and I saw positive changes. CLICK HERE to order your teatox now! Bikini season is approaching.

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