Fun Things to do in Denver

Mile-High City, Here We Come!

I was so excited when we decided that our next trip was going to be Denver. We chose the Mile-High City because first of all–we needed to get out of this 106 degree Dallas weather. Also, we knew that the scenery was going to offer us a perfect opportunity to clear our minds and get outside. So, we got on the road at 3 am and made the 12-hour drive.

All Aboard–Denver’s Union Station!

If you Google “Things to do in Denver” you are almost always going to see the Union Station in your results. It’s located in what’s called ‘LoDo’ or lower downtown, where urbanization meets historic charm. It’s a beautiful open area where locals and tourists congregate to eat, drink and bike. The Instagram-friendly Union Station is located at 1701 Wynkoop Street.

Mile High Bear for the Mile-High City

You know what makes travel so amazing? Each and every place has something that you’ll never see anywhere else! It was no different for the “I See What You Mean” bear. Peaking into the Convention Center, this massive bear is 40 feet tall. An artist by the name of Lawrence Argent gifted the city with this piece in 2005. He thought the Convention Center was the perfect place for the bear because of his curiosity for the exchange of thoughts, ideas and information that happen at a Convention. As for the bear? He was inspired when he saw a photo in the newspaper of a black bear looking into someone’s window.

Trails on Trails on Trails

Fun fact! We love riding bikes. One time, we took our bikes out at night and biked until 2 am! It’s honestly very, very relaxing. Denver offers a plethora of bike trails no matter what your skill level. Here is a link to all of the best bike trails throughout the city. We got our bikes through the Denver B-Cycle bike sharing system. Download the intuitive app here. Through the app, you can opt into, and pay a monthly, weekly or daily plan. We went with the daily plan for $9 per person. The app also makes it easy to find one of the 82+ stations and 700+ bikes closest to you.


We literally took our bikes and just rode wherever the universe took us. We started our first half of the day biking through City Park, which is located right next to the Denver Zoo. The trail was paved, shaded and surrounds a large lake. After that, we went downtown, got a bite to eat from Slice Works (featured on Food Network), picked up another bike and rode the vibrant streets of Downtown Denver.

Denver Zoo Address:

2300 Steele Street

Denver, CO 80205

City Park Address:

2001 Colorado Blvd

Denver, CO 80205

Visit Denver!

I love Denver because it’s a city that does both–it’s the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, also also the perfect place to see a really cool city. I wish I had all the time in the world to eat at all of the cool restaurants in the LoDo area, but I know this wasn’t my last trip to this super groovy part of the world.

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