Fall Surprise–Bold Colors are In! How to Mix and Match your Colors

Add Some Color to your Life

One of the reasons I prefer spring and summer over the colder seasons is because you have to say goodbye to all of your colorful clothing items until the next season. This fall, that rule has changed. Unexpectedly for me–bold and bright neons are in this fall! I mean come on, if the Kardashian-Jenners are doing it–it’s DEFINITELY a thing. You don’t have to tell me twice–bright orange blazer, it is!

There’s not a lot to say when it comes to this trend. This fall is all about being colorful. Whether you go with a monotone outfit, which shows off one color or different tones of the same color–or you choose lots of colors that go well together–you can’t get this wrong. Or can you…?

Use the Color Wheel

Color blocking can go wrong if you aren’t combining the right complimentary hues. Below is a color wheel and some guidelines you can use to help you pick out the best colors for your bold statement.

Complimentary Colors

In order to figure out complimentary colors, choose the color you know you’re wearing. Then, look directly across that to find the compliment. For example, if I am wearing something orange, I would color block using the compliment across from orange, which is that shade of blue located between the light blue and the purple.

Image compliments of Amazons Watch Magazine


Analogous colors are the ones that are lying right next to each other on the wheel. Choose colors that have contrast between them or else it’ll look like you’re failing at the monochromatic look. Choose one dominate shade and build on that.

Image Compliments of The Luxury Closet


The brightest combination of them all, triadics are three colors that are equidistant from each other on the wheel. Since the combination usually yields a super bright look, choose one dominant color and let the other two accent the dominant.

Image Courtesy of Zimbio

Dallas is such a fashion-forward city! I’m really excited by the inspiration around me and the fun fall trends. When styling yourself this year, remember: textures, prints and colors!

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