Beauty Essentials-Inside my Limited Edition Glossybox

It’s Not too Late-Get Mom the Ultimate Glossybox Beauty Box

Glossybox never fails to include all of the best products in their packages. There are 200 dollars of beauty products in this box and there’s not one thing I don’t like. From rose water, to facial masks, to boujie nail polish-this Glossybox is fabulous. Click here to purchase

Glossybox=Self Care Kit

The Mother’s Day Edition Glossybox has everything that mom needs to give herself that extra love she deserves. Here’s what it includes:


  • Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Soap: this beautiful bar soap smelled luxurious! The beautiful scent remained on my skin, even after my shower. Infused with flowers, it has a very light, sweet, and warm scent. Retail value is 28 dollars and the full size is included in the Glossybox.
  • Lancome Renergie Multi-Glow Moisturizer: I will start by saying that this lovely moisturizer retails for 79 dollars. The Glossybox includes a full size jar, and you pay less than that for the entire box! This moisturizer was an instant, skin firming miracle. You will get 24 hours worth of a glowing, radiant complexion. It’s even great for sensitive skin and helps to improve overall skin texture over time.
  • Mamonde Hydrating Beauty Water: Packed with roses, this beauty water is a softening toner. This Glossybox comes equipped with a full size bottle and it retails for 23 dollars. It features an extract from 100 percent USDA Certified, hand-picked organic Damask Roses. It helps to balance and refresh all skin types.
  • Skinn Cosmetics Infusion Recover and Renew Single-Use Facial Mask: the Glossybox includes four of these babies! Each mask is individually wrapped, and soaked in lavender, tamarind seeds and dried apples.


  • The Beauty Crop Lip Brulee: I loved this product! This color looked great on my lips and they stayed hydrated all day. It’s formulated with jojoba and apricot kernel oil, which makes it super easy to wear all throughout the day.
  • Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish in Love: when I saw that the retail value on this nail polish was 18 dollars, I was very curious. As some of you may know, I paint my own nails as part of my self care routine and I’ve never paid more than 7 dollars for nail polish. It was very easy to apply and was completely smear proof-even after applying three coats. The color looked great on my nails whether I wanted to go with one coat, or three coats. Also, nothing is more annoying than applying a nail polish that leaves lots of streaks. The brush is packed with twice the standard amount of bristles, which allows the polish to glide on smoothly and streak-free.
  • Invisibobble Slim-The Elegant Hair Ring in Vanity Fairy: You will never experience a hair pull again after using these hair ties. The Limited Edition Glossybox includes a set of three hair ties that prevent those annoying creases in your hair. Feel free to just let your hair down because it won’t hurt one bit!

The Mother’s Day Limited Edition Glossybox is unique gift idea. Everything included inside is high quality, and guaranteed to make mom obsessed. Click here to get one for mom, or shoot-treat yourself!

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