Good Health Starts Within: My Go-To Vitamins

We have all heard the phrase, “good health starts from within.” I haven’t taken vitamins in quite some time, but since noticing some changes in my body I decided that I wanted to start the new year off right by getting my insides in-line. After doing a ton of research and digging, I decided to start on Ritual’s Women’s Multi, and HUM Nutrition gummies for my hair and skin. 

Ritual–My Women’s Multi

Since I’ve turned 30, I noticed some differences with my body. My energy wasn’t as high and I always felt tired. My skin also isn’t what it used to be due to hormonal changes. I felt like I was getting sick more frequently than I ever have before, and overall, I just didn’t feel like myself. Finally, I decided to do something about it and find a unique women’s multi that nourished my systems with all of the important things. That’s when I decided to start Ritual

When most women think of a multi-vitamin, we think of a hair, skin and nail supplement. Ritual offers more than that. This game-changing vitamin maintains immunity, resolves nutrient shortfalls, supports bone health and vital organs (just to name a few benefits). 

We get a ton of our nutrients from the food we eat. The makers of Ritual know this, which is why this vitamin contains only the nutrients we truly need in forms that our body actually uses. The vitamins are easy on the stomach and with the mild minty flavor–super easy to take. BONUS–if you’re looking for an awesome prenatal, Ritual has a vitamin for that!

How do I take Ritual?

It is really easy to incorporate this into your routine. You take two pills together, once per day. Since these are easy on the tummy, you don’t have to take these with a meal. 

Where do I get Ritual?

Again–really easy! You can go to this link and sign up to receive Ritual at your doorstep. By clicking that link, you will also receive $5 off of your first month’s membership (after that, it’s $30 a month; or $35 for the prenatal). After you start taking the vitamin, you’ll get progression emails explaining what’s happening in your body as you keep taking them. Ritual is gluten and allergen free, vegan-friendly, non-GMO and no colorants or synthetic fillers. 

HUM Nutrition for Skin and Hair

To go with my multi-vitamin, I wanted something that focuses specifically on my skin and hair. I have been experiencing lots of hair loss and breakage and my skin hasn’t been at its’ best. I decided to support my multi-vitamin with HUM Nutrition gummy vitamins. HUM is great because you can select vitamins based on your specific needs by taking a short quiz on your overall health. If you’re looking for: a daily cleanse, losing weight, flatter tummy, better nails, better gut health, more energy, less stress and even dark circle reduction–there is a HUM Nutrition vitamin for that! 

How do I take HUM Vitamins?

This varies depending on which vitamin you choose. For the two that I use, which are “Hair Sweet Hair” and “Glow Sweet Glow“, you take two yummy gummies per day with or without food. The flavors of these are delicious and easy to take. 

Where do I get HUM Vitamins?

You can check out your nearest Sephora, or online at this link. Cost ranges anywhere from $10, to around $60 (depending on which supplement you get). The gummies I take are $25 per bottle and you get free shipping on all orders over $50. All ingredients are sustainably sourced, non-GMO, gluten free, clinically proven, pure and potent. 

How I’m Feeling Now

I have been taking these vitamins for almost a month now and here are the changes I’ve noticed so far: 

  • My nails grow fast and they’re much stronger: to put this into perspective, I recently had gel polish applied to my nails. I did something really bad and removed the polish myself without soaking them. I was able to take the gel polish off and maintain the length of my nails. There was no breakage! I actually had to cut my nails after I finally got the polish off
  • My hair has been growing fast and I’ve noticed a significantly smaller amount of hair falling
  • My skin recovers much faster, breakouts have cleared and I have a natural glow. I’ve gotten one or two pimples before my period as I always do. I can confidently say that leaving them alone and letting the pimple take its’ own course has done wonders for me. Before taking these vitamins, the damn pimple wouldn’t go away until I poked it and squeezed the life out of it. Leaving them alone just never worked, but that has changed since taking these supplements. 
  • I have more energy and don’t feel exhausted and tired halfway through the day like before and I’m getting more things done. 
  • I’ve reached Equilibrium: My first email from Ritual informed me that since I’ve been taking them for three weeks, I’ve hit equilibrium. This means that I’m getting a steady stream of nutrients. If I was deficient in anything before, my body is getting back to its’ balance. 

This all comes from just one month of taking these vitamins. I will be giving updates on my progress as I start to notice more changes and have been taking these for a longer period of time. Don’t forget! You can save $5 off of your first month of Ritual by clicking this link

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