Roses are Red…

Roses and ruffles and shoulders, oh my! I was feeling a little saucy and I just love this dress that I picked up from H&M. Here’s a bonus– IT’S ON SALE NOW for less than $20!

This beautiful dress just stood out for me. I stepped completely out of my element to try something different and I loved it. This look makes me want to dance and twirl around in circles!

Whenever you go shopping, take the time to try everything on even if you’re not sure that you’ll love it. I know it’s a labor intensive process, but trust me—you don’t want to miss out on a good piece like this one and you might be pleasantly surprised! While I’m not the most girliest of girls, I think I have a new found love of ruffles.

This festive mural by Jorge Gutierrez is in the heart of Deep Ellum at 2801 Elm Street, Dallas TX. Unfortunately, there’s quite a bit of accumulated dirt in front of the artwork, but don’t let it stop you from missing out on this piece. To capture a good photograph, I recommend coming early. There is a bar directly in front of the mural, but plenty of space and privacy to get a few good pictures.

Thank you for reading!

Love –Candice XOXO

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