Springtime is Blazer Time!

Spring Season=Blazer Season

Spring in Texas is one of my favorite times of the year (besides summer). I get excited to wear my florals, pastels and mostly-my colorful blazers. You don’t have to be going to a business meeting to enjoy wearing a blazer anymore. You can put all kinds of different accessories together to add to your look and accentuate your overall style. They’re perfect for brunch with your girls, or a date night with your favorite person.

When I wear my blazers, there are two things that are important to me–fit, and what I wear inside. I’ve seen lots of people look great in an over sized blazer, but I prefer mine to be more tailored to my body. I also don’t believe that you have to spend a lot of money on a great blazer. I have purchased a lot of mine from Forever 21. Normally, they fit me pretty well, but the sleeves tend to be a little bit long so I go to my local tailor and have them altered.

Here are some blazers that I actually really LOVE! Click here to buy these.

It’s what’s Inside that Counts, too!

Just as important as the blazer, is what you wear inside of it. Personally, I like how crop tops look and I also like wearing body suits underneath. I’m a LITTLE bit edgy in my personal style, so I think crop tops add an element of sexiness and a perfect hint of edginess. Body suits are perfect if you want to tone it down and look professional without having to worry about tucking your shirt in all day. If you want a little bit of sexy and a little bit of sophistication, go with a plunging body suit or something with a really cute pattern like I did for my look here. You can shop for my $16 body suit here. It’s true to size so I recommend you purchase your regular size. This is great for fun day of shopping or hanging out with your girls!

With spring just arriving, you can definitely bet your bottom dollar that I will be wearing tons blazers throughout the season. I can’t wait to share more of my looks with you and I hope you enjoy seeing them, just as much as I enjoy putting these styles together.

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