Take Your Swimsuits on Land

Myth: Swimsuits are for Water Only

I want to put the myth that swimsuits are only meant for water to rest. Why this works–swimsuits come in the coolest patterns and don’t get me started on how perfect swimsuits contour to your body and slay your life away. Not to mention the fact that they keep you much cooler during the warmer months. I want to share some of my tips with you so you can get the most out of your swimwear.

1. Fun Patterns are Statement Pieces

Don’t be afraid of your fun swimsuit patterns. You can play on these by adding some neutral accessories to bring out your look. This will also add more life to the pattern of your swimsuit

Image courtesy of InStyle.com

2. Bold Colors Need Love too

I know you have some beautiful patterns in your closet that need some extra “umph.” Bright colored swimsuits are perfect for rising to the occasion.

Image Courtesy of InStyle.com

3. Neutral Swimsuits= a Must Have

I love a neutral swimsuit because they’re just plain sexy! I think the best way to rock a neutral swimsuit with your outfit is by adding some fun accessories with just a slight touch of color. The goal is to make this look effortless IMO.

Image Courtesy of InStyle.com

4. Monochromatic is Always a Good Idea

I really love how monochromatic outfits look. The idea of wearing the same color in different shades and textures is fabulous. Play around with different textures and I can guarantee that it’ll make for a beautiful, elegant outfit. Throw in a couple of complimentary-colored accessories to add to your look.

Image Courtesy of InStyle.com

I will be sharing lots of different swimsuits with ya’ll as we start heading into summer. I’ll be showing you different styles, colors and shapes. Thank you for following along and for your constant support!

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